Glasshopper by Isabel Ashdown now in print

Glasshopper Delivery 004After a wonderful week at a writing retreat in Devon, I arrived home to the news that the first Glasshopper print run had been completed and delivered.  Candida (from Myriad) called by at 9pm to show me the books and present me with a celebratory bottle of much appreciated bubbly!  I’m now in a state of excitement and fear: delight that my work is really in print, trepidation that a wider audience will soon be able to read and comment on it.

Above, Charlie the Border Terrier proudly poses beside the books.

Last week I was at the Totleigh Barton Arvon centre in Devon, on a ‘Writing for Radio’ course, run by radio drama producer Polly Thomas and writer Christopher William Hill.  I chose the course as part of my prize for winning the Mail on Sunday Novel competition, and it proved to be a welcome retreat after a demanding few months working on the book, the MA and the day job!

Polly and Chris were a dynamic duo – talented, generous and hugely entertaining.  The Arvon staff (Claire, Ollie & Julia) were warm and welcoming, and Totleigh Barton was a tranquil idyll tucked away from the distractions of the outside world.  And my fellow writers were a joy to work with, each contributing, in their individual ways, to my golden memories of a few very special days.

Arvon 09 018

That’s me, fourth from left, and on the bench, left to right, are our tutors, Christopher William Hill and Polly Thomas.

Arvon 09 022

The second picture is taken in the barn, where we are reviewing our radio scripts before acting them out on the last night.

To anyone who’s ever thought of going on a writing course or retreat at Arvon . . . just do it!

News on book launch, signings and Havant Literary Festival to follow soon . . .

Pre-order your copy of Glasshopper at

One Comment on “Glasshopper by Isabel Ashdown now in print

  1. I can’t wait to read Glasshopper! What a fantastic achievement. x

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