Glasshopper Launch a Happy Success!

Last night was the official launch of Glasshopper, hosted by the University of Chichester and Myriad Editions.

Glasshopper Signing 4

Over 100 friends, family, students and guests attended to listen to my readings and conversation with writer and tutor Dave Swann.  It was a wonderful and relaxed affair, resulting in lots of books sold (and a stiff autograph arm), plenty of wine glasses raised, and a good dose of 1980s music.

Glasshopper Signing 1 Signing Sept 09 1 Signing Sept 09 3

Signing Sept 09 2 Signing Sept 09 4 Signing Sept 09 5

Glasshopper Signing 3 Glasshopper Signing 2

Thanks to everyone who played a part, with special thanks to Dave Swann for a thoroughly enjoyable interview, and to Stephanie Norgate for helping to make the evening a great success.  And of course, thanks to my excellent agent Adrian Weston, and the fabulous team at Myriad Editions for making it all happen.

Coming up next month, reviews expected in Easy Living, Sainsbury’s Magazine, Waterstones Quarterly and Glamour Magazine!

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