Author Isabel Ashdown on Libraries: a vital hub for readers & writers

Last week I was pleased to visit Hove library to talk about my debut novel Glasshopper in an interview with literary agent Adrian Weston.  Louise Halvardsson, Events Coordinator at Hove Library arranged the evening which which saw a good turnout of interesting readers and writers from the local area.  As well as working for the library service, Swedish born Louise is a writer, and you can read more about her here.

Hove library is a fabulous community hub which supports and promotes literacy and learning in the South East.  It’s an invaluable public resource and testament to the importance of libraries in our society.

As always, it was delightful to chat to several people who are in the early stages of writing, or who want to start writing.  I clearly remember that stage before I embarked on my own writing journey, and I remember just how important it was for me to gain encouragement from other writers.  Libraries provide an informal forum for this kind of event, and we must acknowledge the importance of libraries like Hove in supporting readers and writers in this way.

We ended the evening with a sneak-preview from my forthcoming novel Hurry Up and Wait, which releases in June 2011.  The passage I chose to read featured white leggings, L’Air du Temps and saveloy sausages … you’ll have to wait to read it to find out more!

You can see a short film from the evening below, along with a message from Louise Halvardsson of Hove Library:

“Isabel Ashdown’s talk at Hove Library at the beginning of the year  was a real highlight, and encouraged people from different parts of the community to get together and discuss the creative process. Isabel is an inspiration for all those people who want to take their writing more seriously. Several people in the audience left the building with new motivation, and felt uplifted by Isabel’s positivity. To have an author’s support in these times of cuts is invaluable, and shows that libraries are still a much needed space.”The Events Team at Hove Library
PLEASE – support your local library – get involved, attend events, use your library card before it’s too late.


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