Guest Blog: Big Secrets in Small Places

Isle of Wight Stepping Stones

“Little islands are all large prisons; one cannot look at the sea without wishing for the wings of a swallow” – Sir Richard Francis Bacon, explorer

This month I’ve been chatting with author Jane Rusbridge in her series of blog features on the subject of ‘place’, and exploring the role of secrets in my latest novel Summer of ’76.  Here’s a short extract – please click the link to read on:

‘As a writer – and as a reader – I’ve always had a preoccupation with the idea of the outsider, and of the large dramas that play out in small places.  After all, who hasn’t, at some point, felt like the outsider, or felt trapped in some way?  I think we’re interested in everyday stories of life because we can all relate to them on some level – and in many ways, small communities offer a concentrated backdrop against which these stories can show themselves.’  Read more …

Summer of ’76 is currently in the Amazon Kindle Summer Sale.

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