HURRY UP AND WAIT 99p on Amazon Kindle

This month’s special offer is HURRY UP AND WAIT – 99p on Amazon Kindle for a limited period.

“Bursting with teen preoccupations of the 1980s – this lively journey through the embarrassments of growing up is tightly entwined with a darker tale. Sarah Ribbons is now 20 years older and wiser than her teenage self and has returned home for a school reunion. But what is it that is upsetting her so profoundly?” – SAINSBURY’S MAGAZINE

“Ashdown’s depiction of a vulnerable teenager and the magnetic pull of a toxic friendship will have you wincing with recognition” – GLAMOUR MAGAZINE

“Haunting fiction” – STYLIST MAGAZINE

“Funny, insightful and often tragic. A fascinating book whose apparent simplicity masks complexity as it reveals once again the strength of Ashdown’s talent as a perceptive and engaging writer. This is a fitting second novel from the author of the acclaimed Glasshopper and will appeal to personal readers and book clubs alike” – NEW BOOKS MAGAZINE

“Ashdown’s début novel Glasshopper was named as one of the best books of 2009, and this well-crafted follow-up doesn’t disappoint” – HEAT MAGAZINE


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