Lake Child is Launched!

Lake Child is officially launched, and thanks to reader and reviewer support, it’s off to a flying start.

Already it’s been listed in Red magazine’s ‘Best Crime & Thriller Novels this Autumn’, and has been spotted in Waterstones, Tesco stores and independent booksellers across the country. Thank you to my ace agent Kate, my publishing heroes at Trapeze and everyone who cheered me on at my hometown launch in Waterstones, Chichester (hosted by the brilliant Ollie) – and to all of you out there buying, reading and sharing the book. Huge gratitude to Tracy Fenton and the Compulsive Readers, who championed a fabulous blog tour of reviews and features. My readers are the ones who really keep me writing, so big love to you! And please do keep the reviews coming in on Amazon – ratings really do help to spread the word for new books.

Here are just a few pics from the first couple of weeks since release:


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