Beautiful Liars

When two must keep a secret, three’s a crowd …

Eighteen years ago Martha said goodbye to best friend Juliet on a moonlit London towpath.  The next morning Juliet’s bike was found abandoned at the waterside.
She was never seen again.

Nearly two decades later Martha is a TV celebrity, preparing to host a new cold case crime show… and the first investigation will be that of missing student Juliet Sherman. After all these years Martha must reach out to old friends and try to piece together the final moments of Juliet’s life.

But what happens when your perfect friends turn out to be perfect strangers … ?

Out now on eBook and Audiobook … Paperback out June 2018.




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What readers are saying about Beautiful Liars

‘One of my favourite thrillers this year so far. And there’s a big fat delicious twist in the middle’

– Cara Hunter, author of CLOSE TO HOME

Beautiful Liars is twisty, gripping, and utterly unpredictable’
– Will Dean, author of DARK PINES

‘A tangled web of secrets and lies’
– Louise Jensen

‘A brilliant story of friendship and lies with a twist I never saw coming’
– Claire Douglas

Beautiful Liars is a real cracker of a book. I lost count of the twists and yet each worked perfectly. Ashdown is brilliant at hiding clues in plain sight, making for a gasp-out-loud, deeply satisfying read. Her books are getting better and better, which is no mean feat’
– Elizabeth Haynes, author of THE MURDER OF HARRIET MONCKTON

‘A gripping exploration of friendship and twisted family secrets. Highly recommended’
– Cass Green, number one bestseller

‘A scarily well-drawn narrative about the dark underside of friendship, the lies we tell ourselves, and the way memory distorts reality. Gripping, clever and beautifully written, Isabel Ashdown’s star is about to soar’
– Phoebe Morgan

‘A craftily plotted, intricate read. Highly recommended’
– Mick Herron, author of LONDON RULES

‘A great, twisty thriller, carefully plotted and beautifully written’
– Niki Mackay

Beautiful Liars is a psychological thriller, but it’s a lot more than that, too – it explores themes of friendship, of memory, of our pasts and of the lengths we’ll go to in order to belong. This is a great character-driven mystery that’s as enjoyable as it is satisfying’
– Elle Croft