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Flight by Isabel Ashdown OFFICIALPraise for Flight

‘Brilliantly told.  Ashdown’s novel exemplifies contemporary fiction that explores the dynamics and complexities of family life’
We Love This Book

‘A compulsive read … Flight has great clarity and meaning’
newbooks magazine

‘We’re fans of Isabel Ashdown and this novel doesn’t disappoint’
– Bella magazine

‘Beautifully written and brimming with emotional honesty, this is the most engaging and enjoyable novel I’ve read this year’
– Sussex Life magazine

‘Ashdown has a real gift for storytelling – enjoyable, engrossing, with a few twists and turns along the way’

‘How I loved this book. Isabel Ashdown has an uncanny knack of telling a story that leaves you satisfied and still curious’
– Brighton & Hove Independent

‘Hard to put down … Flight may be her best so far’
– George Allan, The White Spike blog

‘Exquisitely written … both heart-breaking and thought provoking’
– Anne Cater, Random Things Through my Letterbox

‘There is a neat twist in the book, but … you don’t read Ashdown for the surprise at the end of the book: you read her for her characters, the way that she evokes place and for the sheer quality of the writing’
The Bookbag

‘Masterful storytelling’
– Sally Cronin, Smorgasborg

‘Engaging and emotional’
Fleur in Her World

 ‘Flight encompasses so much life and emotion’
– Helen Walters, Fiction is Stranger than Fact

‘I read the ending through tears … Isabel lays bare emotions we don’t want to acknowledge or own up to feeling’
– Shaz Goodwin, Jera’s Jamboree

‘Profoundly perceptive … worth your undivided attention’
Pamreader Blogspot

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