To celebrate the release of Hurry Up and Wait in 2011,  I set twitter & Facebook friends a special mission: to rummage around in their old photo boxes and share their 80s images.

These delights of fashion and styling are now posted below for your enjoyment … big thanks to everyone who entered into the spirit of the decade, to join the 1980s Hall of Fame/Shame.  Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “1980s Gallery

    1. I aim to please! Glad you enjoyed it Nikki – it was great fun to put together, and the twitter world seemed very happy to oblige. Do tweet me your own photo if you’d like to take a place in the Hall of Fame/Shame 🙂

      1. Shall see if I can dig one out. Although my husband and his best man have a particularly fetching piccie of themselves circa 1985 sporting George Michael highlights and a Demi-wave respectively. (My bubbie was the Demi-wave. I know!)

      2. They sound like they’d be very welcome additions to the gallery … 1985 is where the novel opens, so particularly appropriate!

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