Summer of ’76 – Reviews

SUMMER OF '76 by Isabel Ashdown, COVER, April 2013Praise for Summer of ’76

‘Ashdown handles big themes and period details with heart’
The Simple Things magazine

‘A fabulous coming-of-age novel that’s saturated in ’70s nostalgia’

‘Isabel Ashdown is adept at portraying the bickering normalcy of ordinary family life … [she] effortlessly transports you back to the seventies – a world of Abba, flares, punk and David Bowie’
The Press Association

‘Incredibly perceptive … just when you think you know what is going to happen, Ashdown subverts your expectations’
We Love This Book

‘Ashdown always manages to capture a real sense of Britain’s past without resorting to rose-tinted glasses’

‘Loyalty, fidelity and friendship are all called to account as the sweltering summer heat opens doors and windows to reveal the troubled interiors of seemingly happy and carefree lives’
Paul Armfield, Waterstones

‘This is a first-class novel, excellent writing and fabulous characters. I’d recommend it to anyone’
Anne Cater, NewBooks magazine

‘A thought-provoking novel, funny as well as moving, and extremely difficult to put down’
Jane Rusbridge, author of The Devil’s Music

‘Ashdown has her finger on the pulse of adolescent/adult relationships’
The Book Bag

‘Considers the nature of family itself … a fabulous read’
Helen M Hunt, Fiction is Stranger than Fact

‘Ashdown’s writing has transported me away from our awful summer weather’
Jera’s Jamboree

‘Perfect reading for the long, hot summer that might just be on the way…’
Fleur in Her World

‘I found it almost impossible to put the book down … This was an incredibly satisfying read and one that I am happy to recommend, whatever the weather’
Kathryn Eastman, Nut Press

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