Praise for Isabel Ashdown

‘Intelligent, understated and sensitive’
– Observer Best Books of the Year

‘A disturbing, thought-provoking tale of family dysfunction that guarantees laughter at the uncomfortable familiarity of it all’
– Juliet Nicolson, London Evening Standard Best Books of Year

‘An incredibly powerful, intense book – very, very real’
– Simon Mayo Book Club, Radio 5 Live

‘An immaculately written novel with plenty of dark family secrets and gentle wit within.  Recommended for book groups’
– Waterstones Books Quarterly

‘A brilliant debut’
– Sainsbury’s magazine

‘An intelligent, beautifully observed coming-of-age story, packed with vivid characters and inch-perfect dialogue.  Ashdown’s storytelling skills are formidable; her human insights highly perceptive’
– Mail on Sunday

‘A heartbreaking, redemptive tale of family secrets that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster’
– Glamour

‘Carefully observed, unexpected and mesmerisingly beautiful’
– Easy Living

‘Ashdown’s debut novel Glasshopper was named as one of the best books of 2009 and this well-crafted follow-up does not disappoint’
– Heat

‘Engrossing and moving’
– Fay Weldon and Paula Johnson, Mail on Sunday Novel Competition

‘Brilliantly told.  Ashdown’s novel exemplifies contemporary fiction that explores the dynamics and complexities of family life’
– We Love This Book

‘This vivid evocation of life in 1985 is a fine second book from a writer who first won
The Mail On Sunday novel competition’
– Daily Mail

‘Ashdown’s depiction of a vulnerable teenager and the magnetic pull of a toxic friendship will have you wincing with recognition’
– Glamour

‘A darkly compelling read’
– Easy Living

‘This lively journey through the embarrassments of growing up is tightly entwined with a darker tale’
– Sainsbury’s magazine

‘Funny, insightful and often tragic’
– NewBooks magazine

‘Ashdown’s Glasshopper was one of our favourite books of 2009, and her second novel is another mix of compelling characters and 1980s nostalgia’
– Bella magazine

‘Ashdown handles big themes and period details with heart’
The Simple Things magazine

‘A fabulous coming-of-age novel that’s saturated in ’70s nostalgia’

‘Isabel Ashdown is adept at portraying the bickering normalcy of ordinary family life … [she] effortlessly transports you back to the seventies – a world of Abba, flares, punk and David Bowie’
The Press Association

‘Incredibly perceptive … just when you think you know what is going to happen, Ashdown subverts your expectations’
We Love This Book

‘Ashdown always manages to capture a real sense of Britain’s past without resorting to rose-tinted glasses’

‘A compulsive read … Flight has great clarity and meaning’
– N
ewBooks magazine

‘Beautifully written and brimming with emotional honesty, this is the most engaging and enjoyable novel I’ve read this year’
– Sussex Life magazine

‘Ashdown has a real gift for storytelling – enjoyable, engrossing, with a few twists and turns along the way’
– Tripfiction

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